The Dough Co. -- Baking. Simplified.
Baking is like chemistry. One needs to absorb the science behind this love to master it. 
Only the right proportion of ingredients, with the right consistency of agents and a few catalysts helps create one brilliant output. But, we’ve all had our share of trial runs and failures, right? Some brownies turning into crumbs, cakes being flat or rock hard cookies? Well, we feel you. 
Here’s presenting ‘The Dough Co” -- Chennai’s first frozen cookie dough, to bring the joy of baking in the comfort of your kitchen. 
Busy schedules or lazy Sundays, our frozen dough is crafted to enable anyone to bake fresh, chewy, and wholesome cookies - without the pain of buying or mixing any ingredients. 
Our pre-formed, pre-measured, and ready-to-bake cookie dough is your quick fix for sweet cravings in just under 15 minutes. We promise you of those warm fuzzies every time you dunk some of our choco chunk or double choco chunk cookies.   
The process of baking our cookie dough is absolutely simple and is independent of the baking medium. You can bake them either in an oven or in a pressure cooker -- we assure you that the taste of cookies would remain absolutely unaltered.  
Cookie love. Unconditional. 
At The Dough Co., we take dough making as a very serious process, with utmost regard to hygiene. We use carefully sourced high-quality ingredients, with absolutely no added preservatives. The dough is home-made and packaged in a completely sanitized environment. 
Get ‘em cookies rolling

We know you love them cookies and can’t wait to ship you our pockets of goodness. So all you’ve got to do is fill the form below and we’ll Dunzo it to you within a 24-48 hour window. Why the time-frame? We believe in sending only a fresh batch of dough upon receiving an order. And, since we do not add any preservatives to our dough, the shelf life would be two weeks when refrigerated and a week more if you store them in a freezer.